Tears produced by the lacrimal gland have three uses for your eyes.
They moisten your eyes making them comfortable and feel fresh. They act as a defence against foreign bodies and infection. Finally they allow you to see by acting as part of your visual system. Sometimes your eyes do not make enough good quality tears. This causes your eyes to not be as healthy.
Although dry eyes can occur at any age they are more common in people over 50. Hormonal changes at menopause is a significant factor in women with dry eye but also certain medications, medical conditions and environmental factors such as the climate and computers.

If dry eye becomes too problematic it can damage the cornea imparting vision. Symptoms of dry eye include, burning sensation, scratchy, gritty or irritated feelings, watery eyes and variable blurred vision. Possibly the most common condition causing dry eye is Blepharitis. Roughly 80% of people over 60 have this condition. Although it may not be a condition which can be eradicated completely there are several treatments that can significantly help with this disease. For mild dry eye over the counter artificial tears can help with alleviating symptoms but for people with more problematic dry eye it is advisable to see a dry eye specialist who can diagnose the cause and undertake treatment accordingly.