Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye is a very common condition caused by a problem with your tears affecting up to 40% of the population at any time. It is more prevalent in those over 40 and more common in woman than men causing symptoms such as gritty eyes, irritation, burning, itching, blurred vision and eyes sticking together at night and commonly watery eyes.

Blinking leaves a thin layer called a tear film over your eyes, this layer keeps you eyes healthy and gives clear vision. If the balance of the tear film is not correct the tears do not stay on the eye, evaporating causing them to dry out.

Common symptoms of blepharitis

illustration of blepharitis

There are many factors which cause Dry Eye such as your environment, the weather, age, hormones and certain medial conditions but the most common cause is Blepharitis. Blepharitis & MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction) are both a chronic and a progressive condition. Although it is not something that can be readily cured, it can be contained with the help of a variety of therapies, resulting in a reduction of the severity of MGD symptoms and better eye comfort. It also means that it is a condition that is likely to get progressively worse if no action is taken to help it, so the earlier the problem is dealt with, the more the likelihood of success.
Blepharitis Disease can be caused by many factors, and so before deciding on a particular treatment it is advisable that you have an assessment in our Dry Eye Clinic to ascertain the exact cause of your symptoms, so that the therapy which is most likely to benefit you can be chosen.

Products Used for Blepharitis.

There is a vast array of brands and formulations available, so it can be confusing deciding which to choose. Artificial tear drops provide quick relief with minimal blurring of vision but the effects are short-lived, so they need to be used frequently to get adequate relief, there are some products containing ingredients which are designed to make the drops longer lasting.

Gel-like drops cling to the surface of your eyes so last longer and need fewer applications, however, they can cause transient blurring of your vision.

Ointments for Blepharitis, coat the front surface thereby reducing evaporation of the tears, however, they are best only to be used at night as they can cause prolonged blurring of vision.

Punctal Plugs are another option. These small sterile devices are inserted by your eye specialist, into the small openings in the lids at the corner of your eyes to block the drainage of the tears. This means the tear film stays longer on the eye resulting in fewer symptoms.
These can be a great benefit to some people but they do not treat the root of the problem.
They can in a few cases cause excessive tearing but usually they allow the patient to reduce the need for artificial tears.

For most sufferers, the cause of their problem is related to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. The Meibomian glands are responsible for the production of the protective, outer, oily layer of the tear film, if these glands are not functioning properly then they can become blocked resulting in a poor outer oily layer, leading to excess tear evaporation which causes all the annoying symptoms that you experience.

The problem of Blepharitis and MGD needs a two-pronged attack to treat it: heat to melt the solidified blockages in the gland, and pressure to expel the melted secretions. In addition the use of Blephex, an in house treatment and lid wipes to tackle the Blepharitis.

Meibomian gland expression, to clear the glands, can be carried out by the consultant. A forceps type device is used to squeeze the clogged contents out of the Meibomian gland. This can be effective but it can be uncomfortable especially to those with low pain thresholds.

The complicated nature of Dry Eye requires a specialist to undertake a comprehensive examination of the eyelids and tear film to help manage the condition effectively.


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Because of the treatment that I received in the Practice, my quality of life and comfort have become a lot better. Previously I had continuous discomfort from my dry eyes, interrupting my sleep up to five times a night. All this has been sorted out, and I am very grateful for the care that I have had. Money very well spent!
Regards Hamish
Hamish Wood
Popped in as suffering from blepharitis and dry eye. Brilliant service and incredibly knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
I think Eden Eye Care for me are way beyond the best ! Having problems with dry eyes! The have helped me immensely! Even had my eyes syringed!! No pain and I’m am a wuss!! Nothing is too much to ask for! Highly recommend! Thankyou for all your help x