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Choosing a frame can be a daunting task, that is why we offer a free style consultation service to all patients. If you would like our bespoke Style Consulation service with Dispensing Optician Zoe this can be arranged by appointment. Zoe has been qualified 12 years & is currently studying for a diploma at the British College of Professional Styling. Working along side her is a team of Optical dispensing assistants.

We all aim to make your experience an enjoyable one, with a cup of tea or coffee whilst we go through face shape, colouring, style, material & frame fit considerations as well as prescription analysis. Enjoy!

It is important to know what shape your face is when choosing specs. This will help you pick the right style of frame suitable for your face shape no matter what your lifestyle. The easiest way is to look into a mirror with your head in the straight ahead position and with a pen that is erasable a lipstick or anything that can be wiped clean afterwards trace an outline of your face on the mirror.

Your face shape is Oval

oval shape face

If you have an oval shaped face, your face is softly rounded and generally well balanced. Cheekbones can be high and the forehead is ever so slightly wider than your jaw.

Oval faces are very versatile and in proportion; your features can work with many different frames meaning you have the pick of the bunch!

What should I avoid?

Try to avoid anything that is too big or too small, as it can throw your face completely off balance. If it’s off proportion with your face, it isn’t going to work.

Your face shape is Round

round shape face

If you have a round face, your face is generally quite short and you’ll have a pretty perfect symmetrical silhouette! You possibly have full cheeks, a rounded chin and wide forehead. Your face will be proportional in length and width. 

Check out styles with strong brow details to give you a really stylish defined shape; it’ll look extraordinary. 

What should I avoid?

Don’t go for small or rounded glasses when you’re looking for a style, as well as frames that are oversized. Your face will look rounder.

Your face shape is Square

square face shape

If you have a square face, you have a wide jaw, a deep forehead and a square shaped chin. Your face is generally proportional in length and width.

You have some really interesting features that deserve to be shown off at whatever chance you get.

What should I avoid?

Avoid glasses with sharp corners, notably square shaped ones which will make your face look out of balance; a real no-go.

Your face shape is Diamond

diamond face shape

With a diamond face, you will have a broad face and high cheekbones and your face will be narrow at the eye line and jawline. It is quite a rare face shape, which makes you tastefully unique. 

You have a wonderful opportunity to look for an idiosyncratic retro style such as rectangles and quirky shapes. 

What should I avoid?

Try to avoid glasses with narrow frames, which draw attention away from your facial features.

Your face shape is Heart

heart face shape

With a heart shaped face, you have a small chin and a broad forehead, and generally have chic high cheekbones.

You have a great chance to make the most of your subtle silhouette and immaculate features with a super elegant look. 

What should I avoid?

Generally avoid frames which are wider at the top than the bottom; they will make the shape of your face ill-balanced. Also stay away from semi-rimmed glasses.

Your face shape is Rectangle

rectangle face shape

With a rectangle face, you have more length than width on your face. You have a longer nose, high cheekbones and quite a long forehead. 

You need to look for frames that add width, so look for stylish frames with some depth to balance your face shape such as one’s with curvature and round edges for a stylish sophisticated look. 

What should I avoid?

Don’t go for anything too narrow or small glasses; they will make your face look longer.

White Your hair colour is None 

They say that less is more, so essentially there aren’t many rules in this area. However your face shape is very important when considering what frames to go for. When you have this in mind, consider glasses with darker and thicker frames and pick a pair that will really show off your stunning face.

black Your hair colour is Black 

With stunning ebony locks, you have a splendid backdrop for many styles and colours in your frame choices. Go bold and bright with reds, pinks and greens for that sassy female look or with you guys in mind you want to keep things on a more neutral level, try your hand at lightweight metal or bronze coloured frames. Avoid anything too natural coloured to prevent looking pasty.

brown Your hair colour is Brown 

From classic brunettes to darker numbers, you can play with all sorts of vibrant and daring styles. If you have darker brown hair, go for darker colours such as blacks, blues and browns to get a good effect. If your hair is on the lighter side with hints of auburn or red, try warmer colours such as greens or delightful creams for that feminine touch.

red Your hair colour is Red 

From strawberry blonde to vivacious rouge, red hair is a great canvas for strong vibrant colours for your glasses. Try blacks, pinks and oversized frames to go uber dramatic in your choices, and at the other end of the spectrum use neutral colours such as creams and pastels. Be bold and go for gold and silver metallic to contrast against your hair for a stylish spirited feel.

Grey Your hair colour is Grey 

Whether quirkily white or charmingly speckled, all grey tones allow you to wear almost any colours to complement your hair. Bright and bold works well such as reds and blues to highlight your grey tones with stylish poise. Or go all neutral and natural as a contrast, or metallic for a classic look. Try to avoid colours that will dull your hair, such as yellows, browns or whites.

Blonde Your hair colour is Blonde 

No matter what your blonde colour, be it golden or naturally sun kissed, you have a multitude of choices. If you have warm blonde hair that is towards the darker side, go for glasses in warm colours such as tortoiseshell, greens and red colours to make a stylish statement. If your blonde hair is lighter and cooler, you can wear darker coloured frames such as blacks, blues and deep pinks for a dramatic look.

Dark skin Your skin tone is Dark

If your skin is anywhere from olive to ebony, you have a great opportunity to contrast your skin with bright colours and patterns. Try to stick to lighter coloured frames and stay away from darker frames which can look dull. Pastel will stand out great against your skin, and try your hand at metallic colours too for a daring look which can complement your beautiful rich skin tone.

Olive skin Your skin tone is Olive

If you have beautiful Mediterranean skin with yellow undertones, bright and bold colours will show off your skin tones. Add an extra bit of flavour with neon colours to add a modern twist. Stay away from anything too neutral and add real depth of colour with pinks, reds and blues.

Medium skin Your skin tone is Medium

If you have medium skin, your skin can tend to change with the seasons. Changeable skin definitely deserves more than one pair of specs! For darker colder months, go for a spirited edge with classic dark colours and when the summer arrives go gentle and lively with neutral colours that will bring out your tan.

Pale skin Your skin tone is Light

No matter what form your light skin comes in – whether freckled or alabaster – it is time to make your fair skin shine with bold and bright colours and patterns. Check out quirky and interesting frames with cheerful colourings, and check out fascinating patterns like tartan and tortoiseshell which will complement your classy features. Don’t be afraid to add little but uber modish detailing such as jewels.


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Free eyewear consultation available by appointment.
Free eyewear consultation available by appointment.

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