Working from home gives me the great opportunity of  creating a blog to keep in touch with you all ! (This is something that has been on my todo list for a while)

I hope my first blog finds you all well & keeping in good spirits during these difficult times.

Our practice Eden Eyecare has certainly been affected the last few weeks, leaving me with a very odd feeling not to be opening the doors everyday at 9am to greet our first patients of the day & not working along side the rest of the Eden Eyecare team. However, as is often said in times of adversity, a way through is always found.

I have taken steps to ensure that even though the practice is closed to routine visits, we are available to chat at the end of a phone or just an email click away if you need us. The calls are being diverted from the practice to me at home, where I can triage your calls & make suitable arrangements. I have also taken the steps to move our lab production to my home & I am currently working hard to ensure that any glasses orders taken before we closed are processed & posted to you in due course. I will be in touch !

Please be aware that if you are suffering from any of the below symptoms please phone 01768-895454

  • Your vision has changed suddenly or become blurry
  • You have a painful or red eye
  • You have broken or lost your glasses & need them to function
  • You have a problem with you contact lenses

Contact lens supply is ordered via phone/email & delivered to you home

Best wishes everyone, stay well & stay home !!

Zoe Anderson fbdo/director

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