Top tips to keep your glasses fog free

You are not alone if you have recently found that when wearing your glasses whilst wearing a mask is proving to be rather tricky ! When working in practice I have so many patients now struggling with this issue, especially due to the colder temperatures of w

inter this has made the problem worse.

The reason for your lenses ‘fogging’ up is simply due to temperature. If your lenses are colder than the temperature of you breathe now forced upwards by your mask & made worse by the warm room temperature as you enter inside, the lens will mist up.

The good news is that there are a few ways to help you with this new scenario !

The easiest & cheapest way is by using a anti fog cloth, I personally recommend the anti fog cloth from Hoya lens UK as I can speak from experience having used this. Its so easy to use, simply wipe the lenses 5-10 times both sides and the lens will not fog up for 72 hours, it also gives you 60 applications. The cost of a Hoya anti fog cloth is £10 available from us at Eden Eyecare.

Ensuring your glasses are well fitted on the bridge of your nose & also that your glasses don’t sit too close to your cheeks will also help when wearing your mask. Simply ensure your mask is a medical type that can be moulded around the nose bridge & place the glasses on top for a tight secure fit.

By using the combination of these two tips I manage to work ‘fog free’ in my glasses comfortably all day in practice wearing a face mask & protective shield. Please feel free to get in touch with me at Eden Eyecare if you need any help staying fog free this winter !

Stay safe & well


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